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Final Program

The final program is now available. Click to view and download.


Invited Speakers

Dr. Valentin (Val) Mureşan (Movidius SRL)

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Title: Superior Vision: Always on Human-like Vision for Smarter Devices

Abstract: We live in a world of smart robots, drones and mobile phones/assistants. The technologies behind these products are heralded by low-profile research projects by big name players in the technology sector. The robotic and vision technologies behind these products will shift the applications of electronic devices to a more superior level of intelligence that will change our world. From a hardware point of view, these devices will become a hub of sensors that will be able to capture information about their environment and their context. Probably the most important sense for these devices will be their vision capabilities. To make this sense as close as possible to human vision, will require advanced technology to capture, process, and provide analytics in real time to enable their applications make critical decisions. "Always on" vision capabilities are envisaged as the paradigm for the next generation of mobile applications and in order to make it as close as possible to the human vision, depth perception and estimation are also key along with the image resolution. This Keynote will cover in this context the state of the art in the domain of vision with the latest image processing, computer vision and computational photography algorithms implemented on various low-power processing architectures.

Biography: Dr. Valentin (Val) Mureşan (EEng, MBA, PhD, MIEE, MIEEE), Co-Founder and General Manager, Timisoara at Movidius, is an experienced embedded R&D leader and entrepreneur who built a 50+ Silicon and Software Development Centre and innovation team from scratch in Timisoara, Romania. In that process, dr. Mureşan holds key roles in building and managing a team which develops leading edge products on a tight budget including multi-core silicon and software solutions for real time HD audio, video codecs and processing, computational photography, computer vision, 2D&3D camcorder and camera modules, 2D-3D conversion modules, 3D technology for 2D HDMI TV’s and establishing the infrastructure to work with global partners to deliver products on several continents. Dr. Mureşan has also been a director of an EU funded R&D project at Movidius (2010-2012), a Guest Lecturer at West University of Timisoara (2011-2012), Guest Lecturer at Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara (2009-2010), Co-Founder and Design Centre Manager at Movidia (2005-2009), Lecturer at Dublin City University (2002-2005), Research Programme Manager at the Centre for Digital Video Processing - Dublin City University (2001-2005) and Teaching Assistant at Dublin City University (1997-2001).

Dr. Nicolae Joni (Robcon SRL)

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Title: Sensors for Robotic Arc Welding Processes

Abstract:  GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) is one of the most important fields of industrial robot applications. In order to successfully implement robotic welding systems, the integrator usually faces difficult challenges that result from the tolerances of the work pieces. This presentation makes a short summary of existing sensor systems, along with example use cases of successful implementations. The sensors used are described both from the functional and from the application point of view.

Biography: Dr. Nicolae Joni is one of Robcon’s top engineers and senior researchers. He founded the company in 1990 and is since then its Manager. Specialized in arc and spot welding, he graduated the Politehnica University Timisoara. He obtained his PhD. degree from the Transilvania University in Brasov in the field of robotic arc welding systems. His research interest includes arc welding processes, robotic systems, offline programming systems. He is an author of more than 150 technical papers, 5 books and 2 patents. Dr. Joni is the President of the Romanian Welding Society since 2012 and former Vice-President, during 2006-2012. He is a founding member of the Romanian Society of Robotics (1990) and since 2000 is acting as Vice President. Since 1993 he is a member of the German Association for Welding (DVS). Dr. Joni is an IEEE member since 2010 and a member of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society since 2011.

Gala Dinner

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The ROSE 2014 gala dinner will be held on October 16th, starting at 18:00. The dinner will take place at the Recas Winery, a hallmark of the Romanian region. Round-trip transportation will be provided to and from the ROSE 2014 venue. Attendees will get to experience not only a delicious, traditional dinner, but also a special wine tasting. Registration to ROSE 2014 includes one ticket to the gala dinner. Please contact Cynda Covert if you would like to purchase an additional ticket.