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Symposium Location

ROSE 2014 will take place at the Politehnica University of Timişoara, one of the most prominent universities in Romania. Established in 1920 by Royal Decree of King Ferdinand I, it has a long and rich tradition as a Romanian pole of excellence in academic education and research. With its ten faculties, four independent departments and over 1700 teaching and administrative staff, it provides top level support for more than 15000 students.

The Department of Computer and Software Engineering, which hosts ROSE 2014, is the first department in the field in Romania, being set up in 1964. The conference rooms will be located in the Electro Building of the Politehnica University of Timişoara (2, Vasile Parvan Blvd.), just about 200 meters from the city center.

Travel Information

Timişoara is served by the Traian Vuia International Airport, which is located about 12 km away from the city center (20-30 minutes by car). There are several ways to reach the city center from the airport, including express busses, taxies or rent-a-car options.

By train, Timişoara can be reached through its main train station, Timisoara North, with daily international connections mainly from Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria. When searching train schedules for Timişoara, we recommend selecting "Timisoara Nord" as destination. The main train station is located only 15 minutes away from the city center, which can be reached by taxi or by public transport (trolleybuses no. 11, 14 and 18, and tram no. 1).

Public transport options in Timişoara are busses, trams and trolleybuses, with the general schedule between 4:45 AM and 11:15 PM. Tickets can be purchased from the newspaper stands, nearby most of the stations. More information can be found here.

Hotels and Accommodation

Due to the close proximity of the conference venue to the city center, there are many convenient options for accommodation. A list of hotels located within a 2-20 minute walking distance, is provided below. The first two hotels in the list belong to the Politehnica University of Timişoara.

2, Regele Ferdinand Bvd., 300006, Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 496850, Email: [email protected]

11, Mihai Eminescu Bvd., 300028, Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 494507, Email: [email protected]

2, Tudor Vladimirescu Ave., Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 249900, Email: [email protected]

17, Remus Str., 300191, Timisoara
Phone: +40 356 264039, Email: [email protected]

6, Lenau Str., 300029, Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 490091, Email: [email protected]

36, Romulus Str., 300203, Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 303304, Email: [email protected]

1-3, Marasesti Str., 300086, Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 498852, Email: [email protected]

3, Lucian Blaga Str., 300002, Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 433155, Email: [email protected]

7A, F.C. Ripensia Str., 300575, Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 309409, Email: [email protected]

1/a, Pestalozzi Str., 300115, Timisoara
Phone: +40 256 407440, Email: [email protected]

Touristic Information

Timişoara is a city of many architectural and cultural influences, with lots of green parks and public squares, including the large pedestrian-only Victory Square. The center can be easy explored by foot, providing surprisingly beautiful sightseeing experiences, especially during the frequent sunny days and evenings.

As a cosmopolitan, progressive and multi-cultural city, Timişoara hosts many theatres, museums and art galleries, home to a large variety of artistic performances. More related information can be found at the Tourist Information Center (2, Alba Iulia Str., Phone: +40 256 437973).

Weather Information

Timişoara has a mild, temperate-continental climate, marked by Mediterranean influence. The average temperatures in October range from 5.5°C (min) to 16°C (max). Light to moderate rain has an average of 38% occurrence in this interval. Umbrellas and light jackets are recommended.

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